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Our Team

AgileSoDA has formed a team with analytics experts and S/W professionals who have already succeeded in the IT market to realize our vision with best harmony and collaboration.

 Our Leaders

Daewoo Choi


Seoul National Univ., MS (Statistics) Rutgers Univ., PhD (Statistics)

Analytics professional 

who has conducted 

more than 180 data analysis and AI projects, 

including financial,

government, and manufacturing. 

He introduced R for the first 

time in Korea and became

famous as AI Guru.

Steve Kim


Seoul National Univ., BA

Founder of 


Expert of Product Planning,

Business Partnership,

New Business Planning.

He Developed TOBESOFT

to be the #1 company

in UI/UX Software.

Served as a branch manager in Japan and made splendid

marketing/sales performance in Japan.

Jeyong Jang


Kyunghee Univ., BS (Computer Science)

The best B2B sales expert in Korea. He was the top sales 

manager in Korea for 10 

years at CA Korea and 

TmaxSoft, contributing 

to grow the database 

market in Korea. 

Sangyong Park


Yonsei Univ., MS


Former head of TMax Soft.

He had various experiences of design and development of  middleware, database, cloud, big data platform and AI convergence products; and successfully commercialized those products.

He won the K-S / W Merit Award from the Ministry of Future, Creation,

and Science.

Younghyun Ko

AI Evangelist Leader 

Pohang Univ. of Science 

and Technology, 

PhD (Datamining)

 He was the youngest 

team leader in Biz 

Analytics at Samsung 

Card. He has a reputation 

as a machine learning 

consultant and model developer with 

experience in software 

development and 

AI analysis.

Jinhyung Kim

Nonexecutive Director

Honorary Professor, 

KAIST/Endowed-Chair Professor, Chung-Ang Univ.

President, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute(AIRI).

Director, Software Policy

Institute. Member of National Science and Technology Advisory Council. IT Policy Advisory Committee Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

Order of Industrial Service Merit (Bronze Tower), National Informatization Division. Representative Leader of AI S/W in Korea.

AI Advisor Group

Song Chong

AI Adviser


Professor, KAIST 

Graduate School of AI

Applied Optimization 

Theory and Applied Data. 

Global authority in science.

Jaegul Choo

AI Adviser



Outstanding Research Award. 2019 Georgia Tech.


AgileSoDA supports companies to transform AI capabilities and output into internal intellectual assets and to resolve data quality problems. It also provides algorithm-based technologies and services including reinforcement learnings for optimal business decision.

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